Corporate cultures

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The clan culture, is typified by a friendly place to work where people share a lot of themselves. It is like an extended family. Leaders are thought of as mentors and, perhaps, even as parent figures. The organization is held together by loyalty and tradition. Commitment is high. The organization emphasizes the long-term benefit of individual development with high cohesion and morale being important. Success is defined in terms of internal climate and concern for people. The organization places a premium on teamwork, participation, and consensus.

The hierarchy culture is characterized by a formalized and structured place to work. Procedures govern what people do. Effective leaders are good coordinators and organizers. Maintaining a smooth-running organization is important. The long-term concerns of the organization are stability, predictability, and efficiency. Formal rules and policies hold the organization together.

The market culture is a results-oriented workplace. Leaders are hard-driving procedures and competitors. They are tough and demanding.

The glue that holds the organization together is an emphasis on winning. The long-term concern is on competitive actions and achievement of goals and targets. Success is defined in terms of market share and penetration. Outpacing the competition and market leadership are important.

The adhocracy culture is characterized by a dynamic, entrepreneurial, and creative workplace. People sticks their necks out and take risks. Effective leadership is visionary, innovative, and risk-oriented. The glue holding the organization together is commitment to experimentation and innovation. The emphasis is on being at the leading edge of new knowledge, products, and/or services. Readiness for change and meeting new challenges are important. The organization's long-term emphasis is on rapid growth and acquiring new resources. Success means producing unique and original products and services.