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Essay by ClaireSour October 2013

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Name: Suzzette M. Tianzon Course: BSA 3

Subject: Mgnt 3 Date: January 7, 2013

Professor: Doc Vince Sinining


This paper is relatively rare because there is some comparative work of UK and US that has been neglected. There are some important points that they still investigating and this paper undertake one such investigation.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a pervasive topic in the business literature, but has largely neglected the role of institutions.

Studies of comparative CSR have implications for our understanding of theories of corporate governance. Corporate governance scholars have roughly divided the world into the Anglo-American system versus the Continental European, which divisions have been suggested to map onto shareholder versus stakeholder views of the firm and onto different cognitive styles in various cultures. In particular, a number of studies show that legal developments and institutional contexts in Britain concerning CSR show important similarities with Europe, and related contrasts with the United States, thus casting doubt on a unified 'Anglo-American' system of corporate governance.

Since the corporate governance of the UK and the US involves the attitude and behavior of the institutional investor community more investor more likely to take in. In the UK, pension funds and insurance companies, which are necessarily more focused on the long term, are the dominant institutions. The American institution sector, by contrast, is dominated by mutual funds, which may have a short term outlook. Investors have a different perception there are some investors are long term perspective and there are some short term perspectives, like an individual, we have a right to choose which is better.

By comparing the corporate governance system between the UK and the US, I found that although they are under the same...