Corporate Governance Benchmarking Paper

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Corporate Governance Benchmarking Paper

Team A

Bryan Baker, Philip DeCarlo,

Catherine Dickeson, and Karen Suggs


Corporate Governance

University of Phoenix

Professor Luoma

21 June 2010

Corporate Governance Research

Corporate Governance is the way an organization keeps track of the investors in its company and keeps them safe. The system creates checks and balance protocols that are put in place by the organization as a safeguard against unethical activities. The focus of this paper covers the benchmarking of organizations that have faced the same issues identified within McBride. McBride is an online, financial, mortgage lender. Each organization chosen will focus on how the companies responded to the issue and the outcome of that response. Eight companies will be benchmarked and corporate governance factors analyzed within the company. An analysis that synthesis the key findings will be identified along with a compare and contrast section for the practices of each company as they relate to the concepts.

The American International Group, Inc. (AIG) was benchmarked for government oversight. AIG and numerous other financial institutions were declared "Too Big to Fail" and were provided government bailouts as part of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (House Financial Services Committee, 2008). Was this a wise decision and did AIG fail or survive? The Chrysler Group LLC was benchmarked for the governmental oversight. In 1979 The Chrysler Corporation was on the verge of bankruptcy. The government came in to rescue the third largest US auto manufacture by lending them $800million. Chrysler agreed to the government's terms and accepted bailout funds (Bloomberg Business Week, 2010). Did Chrysler meet the Governments financially viable requirement?

Tyco International was benchmarked for their ethical culture in the organization, executive and supervisory leadership. Chief...