Corporate Partnership Advantages with the Big Brother's Big Sisters Organization.

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The Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America is the Oldest Teen Mentoring Organization in the country. Identify the benefits that a company receives by working with this organization.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of America has received national recognition for their partnerships with corporations in bringing together the communities, individuals, and organizations from the different parcels to improve the odds of the communities 'at risk' youth. Corporations support the members of the BBBS Organization by subsidizing resources to the mentoring programs that are devoted to cultivating development in America's youth to ensure they reach their full potential. The BBBS is a non-profit organization and requires financial support in developing these strategic initiatives for bettering educational facilities and in strengthening the community. The Big Brother Big Sisters of America is reliant on the corporations and their investments that provide subsidized sponsorships enabling the organization to contribute to the local communities with their projects dedicated to improving the odds in the future for inauspicious youth.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters of America is a non-profit Organization that has earned their prestigious reputation with their achievements in the youth mentoring programs they have provided for the community that has been statistically proven to help stimulate the lives of America's discouraged youth.

There is an increased pressure with companies to disperse back some of the money that the community had allotted into the business, back into the local communities. Corporate Social Responsibility is the obligation of businesses in making choices and initiating actions that contribute to the welfare and interests of society as well as to the organization. Research has indicated that companies who implicate these social responsibilities create win-win situations that are as beneficial to the community as it is to the corporation. The Big Brothers Big Sisters of America provides the programs...