Corporate Risk Management

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Corporate Risk Management


Business Description

We are an International Bullion Trading broker firm. We have another branch in Asia another region, which have Shanghai and Macao. Only Hong Kong Branch has 45 staff, every day has average 200 clients using our trading system to trade bullion. And have average 2000 lots of trading volume per day. Our company involved average USD$200million of cash outflow and inflow per day.

Since WHO(World Health Organization) named "Bird Flu" to be the severest influenza virus on the next century. An influenza pandemic is a rare but recurrent event. Three pandemics occurred in the previous century: "Spanish influenza" in 1918, "Asian influenza" in 1957, and "Hong Kong influenza" in 1968. The 1918 pandemic killed an estimated 40-50 million people worldwide. That pandemic, which was exceptional, is considered one of the deadliest disease events in human history. Subsequent pandemics were much milder, with an estimated 2 million deaths in 1957 and 1 million deaths in 1968.

A pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus emerges and starts spreading as easily as normal influenza - by coughing and sneezing. Because the virus is new, the human immune system will have no pre-existing immunity. This makes it likely that people who contract pandemic influenza will experience more serious disease than that caused by normal influenza.

High rates of illness and worker absenteeism are expected, and these will contribute to social and economic disruption. Past pandemics have spread globally in two and sometimes three waves. Not all parts of the world or of a single country are expected to be severely affected at the same time. Social and economic disruptions could be temporary, but may be amplified in today's closely interrelated and interdependent systems of trade and commerce. Social disruption may...