Corporate Social Responsibility leads to Profits

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The Cola fiasco brings the issue of Corporate governance not being adhered will lead to affect the business severly. Resilience

But the Dhara brand after Dropsy cases in India (threat of "Argemone Mexicana," the minuscule mustard seed look-alike which wreaked havoc in most of the states.) in September 1998 is a growing brand today . It's not that public memory is fickle , it is the Amul Brand equity build by the social responsiveness led the masses to disbelieve that

Dhara was a contaminated. The Villain was not the organization but someone else. Simillarly the Tata group brand -equity makes them come out with the punchline Desh ka namka for Tata salt and coming out unscathed in the public perception by the Tata tea Funding of terrorist and Tata Finance Fiasco. Dilip Pendse faced the music not the Tata name . It was not perceived as other Chain Roop Bhansali fraud.

Rating agency Crisil assigned the highest corporate governance rating --"GVC Level 1" --to Infosys Technologies.

Earlier another rating agency ICRA had also assigned the highest corporate governance rating to the software major. It had assigned a CGR1 rating to the corporate governance practices of Infosys.

Crisil has till now rated four other corporates -- HDFC, HDFC Bank, Dabur and Hero Honda. While Dabur received a rating of GVC Level 2, others were rated GVC Level 1.

Likewise, Icra had rated ITC, PNB Gilts and Esab India. It has assigned a rating of CGR2 to ITC, CGR3+ to PNB Gilts and CGR4 to Esab India.

This is on a rating scale of CGR1 to CGR6 where CGR1 denotes the highest rating. Icra had also given a rating of SVG2 to Godrej Consumer Products for stakeholders value creation and corporate governance.

How They Stack up

One of the major strengths...