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Table Of Content 1. WHAT IS EXPECTED OF A CREW TRAINER 2. McDonalds Crew/Crew Trainer Performance Review 2. THE FOUR STEP METHOD OF TRAINING 3. USING THE TRAINING MODULES 4. HOW TO DO AN INTERVIEW SOC 5. ON THE FLOOR TRAINING 6. CUSTOMER SERVICE VS CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 7. SERVICE AND KITCHEN INFORMATION SHEETS 8. STATION TESTS What Is Expected Of A Crew Trainer Crew Trainer Characteristics: Conscientious workers who consistently follow recommended procedures and have high personal standards. (We want good working habits and attitudes established in our crew through the positive examples of our crew trainers.

Aware of what the new person needs to know and able to communicate it.

Leaders within the crew.

Able to reinforce McDonalds standards.

Job Description: Constantly demonstrated proficiency in performing work of stations scheduled during the shift.

Demonstrated proficiency in training crew.

Completes all assigned duties Completes the training of each assigned crew member, following each step of the crew trainer system, using a shoulder to shoulder approach.

Determines if the crew person has completed training and is ready to be verified, or, if more practice time is needed.

Communicates this to the Training Manager.

Crew Trainer Evaluation You should be able to answer all these questions: PERFORMANCE OF THE CREW TRAINER Put the traininee at ease, by backing up, being friendly and introducing your self to new crew.

Be clear in the description of each step, and why it is necessary.

Demonstrate to match the description.

Answer the questions, completely, and follow up by asking the trainee if they understand.

Encourage questions, and the attempts of the new crew. (Have patience don't take over) Correct mistakes, and in-force the standards.

Do be sensitive, and understand its hard starting a job at a new place.

Adjust your training to the ability of the...