The Corpse: Short story dealing with Alienation and Kafkaesque

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The Corpse is a short story by Joshua Gonzalez aka NeonFx and it deals one of the the most important aspects of the Kafkaesque: Alienation. In this same page i also included a short review of the story.

The Corpse

Opening his eyes, G. did not know where he was, did not know why he was lying on a cold floor. Once he came to his senses, and realizing he was in an alley, he turned his body on his right, and he saw the face of a dead man lying next to him. G. sprang to his feet from fright, and ran out into the street, sitting on the curb.

G., for the longest time, has been a depressed man. Sitting on the curb, he very quickly forgot about the events only 5 minutes before and looked at his watch; reminding himself that he better hurry or he will be late for work.

Getting up, he attempted to hail a cab, and even though many passed by, his hail was passed unnoticed. G., though he was saddened by this, did not care to think about it any further and began to walk to work.

On his way to work, he had to dodge many people that would have run right into him if he hadn't. He began to walk slower with his head down because he realized there was no point in trying to rush. He was late to work anyway. On the floor, in his path, he saw an interesting flyer and picked it up. G. began to read it as he continued his walk.

People now, all of the sudden started moving out of the way as he continued walking, everybody with stares in his direction. G., now full of fear, quickened his pace, and when...