Correlation between height and hand and foot size

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Is it true or false that tall people have longer hands and feet than a shorter person? Most tall people relate to this. It is believed by most people to be true. Generally tall people have large feet and shorter people have smaller feet, most commonly in females. A person's height is directly proportional to a person's hand and foot size. In experimenting with this, we will find out if in fact if this statement is true or false.

In order to find the measurements of a person's height, hand and foot size, we measured them with a ruler. It was decided that it was more effective to use centimeters opposed to millimeters or inches. It gives us a more accurate reading and is easier for us to round off. When measuring the height, tape was placed on a door and a person stood up against the door.

A line was drawn on the tape above their head. The tape was then measured from the floor to the line to determine how tall that person was. Then when the hands and feet were measured, they were first traced on a piece of paper then measured from wrist to the longest finger tip. The same was done for the foot, from heel to big toe.

To view the results, we have used a xy scattered graph. This shows the correlation between a persons height, hand and foot size. It shows that it is most common that a taller person has larger hands and feet than that of a shorter person. This was an accurate test done and the results proved that this statement is true.