The Correlation of Rebel Without a Cause (the movie witth James Dean) and the Adolescent Brain

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Rebel without a cause is a film that views the lives of some rebellious, impatient, and misunderstood teenagers set in the era of the 1950's.

The film begins with the main character, Jim Stark who is played by James Dean, as a juvenile delinquent brought into the police station. He was brought in because he was intoxicated.

In another part of the police station is a teenage girl, named Judy, was brought in because she was wandering the streets late at night past curfew. She is upset because she believes that her father hates her. She is growing up, starting to wear lipstick and her father has withdrawn his physical affections towards her. He causes her pain when he calls her "a dirty tramp."

Jim's father and mother arrive at the police station to retrieve their son. His parents are dressed in evening attire and seem embarrassed that they had to leave their dinner party to pick their son up because of his delinquent behavior.

His parents try to downplay his drinking while they discuss what they are going to do with their son and his troubled behavior.

Jim is apparently distraught regarding his parent's actions in the police station. He was brought into an office and beats on the desk to release some of his frustration. His relief seems to come from this police officer that sits him down and discusses what seems to be the problem. Jim's parents believe that continually moving him from town to town may free him from his dilemmas, yet Jim is not able to acquire friends because he's either in trouble or moving again. Jim views his father as a coward and doesn't want his father to be his only male role model.

Jim befriends Judy after recognizing her as the girl...