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Corrida Murray Paper Two In the movie Almos A Man I would describe Dave as an immature young man. First, Dave decides that he would like to purchase a gun. He askes his mother if he could buy it with the money he worked for. His mother says no, but after a lot of convincing his mother says he could if he only brings the gun back home afterwards. Dave's mother askes him where the gun was, and he lied and said he buried it outside by the barn when it was really underneath his pillow. Then, Dave takes the gun in an open field and began to shoot in the open air. As a consequence Dave shoots the mule Jenny. Dave buries the gun and tells his boss that Jenny started getting out of control and feel on a stick and injured herself. One of the workers spoke up and said that he didn't think so and that it looked like a bullet wound.

That's when Dave mother said immediately tell them the truth. He hesitates then says yea, "I shot Jenny", but it was only a mistake. As a result, Dave's boss said that he would take two dollars out of each of his paychecks until it equals fifty dollars. Dave was then told by his father to go get the gun the next morning and return it home. The next morning Dave goes and digs up the gun and began to shoot around once again. Finally, Dave doesn't return the gun home to his parents and runs away,hopping on a train, leaving his parents to pay for his careless mistake. Dave is a immature young man and he doesn't know how to control his actions.