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Today in Kazakhstan corruption is a real curse among authorities at all levels of power; newspapers` headlines are colorful of court cases against officials, and strict and decisive measures should be introduced to stop this arbitrariness.

Firstly, we should stop public officials who are receiving private gains illegally for doing something that they ordinarily required to do by law. While according to our mentality it is a common procedure to takegifts that are provided as a sign of gratitude, we must change our mind to the point that in civilized society there is no place for bribes.

Secondly, we must prevent bribes that are paid to obtain services, which the official is prohibited from providing. One such case of corruption involves Atirau oblast ex-mayor. His supporter and fund-raiser friend says " that he had provided the mayor with gifts and cash in return for his help with some shady and lobbing businesses".

These cases must be strictly punished because they undermine the trust of common people to authorities.

Thirdly, we must discharge those officials in the public sector who improperly and unlawfully enrich themselves by the use of public power that was entrusted to them.

Unfortunately all above-mentioned become an accepted practice and our society must try to eradicate the word "corruption" not only from headlines but from the real life. Under the policy of our President we began to do this and I hope we will do it in future.