Corruption in Argentina

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Corruption In Argentina

James C. Thomas

University of Southern Mississippi

Corruption In Argentina

Argentina is a temperate land populated by a great amount of diverse citizens who comprise a delectable multicultural filled society with substantial European influences from its literature, to music, to its architecture. Argentina classifies as the third largest in total population amongst South American countries, with a density of about 15 persons per square kilometer, which equates to about 4 to 5 city blocks (, 2014). The greater part of Argentina is vastly urbanized, with a significant amount of its population living in cities. That being said, law enforcement in Argentina is a crucial contributor to the maintenance and stability of Argentinian life, given the amass number of people in the 23 provinces that make up the country. With the exception of Buenos Aires, the Capital of Argentina which is regulated by the Argentine Federal Police, the remaining 22 provinces are policed by the Argentina provincial police.

Corruption amongst police agencies and its officers throughout Argentina has become a regular norm of accustoms in the country today. The countries' law enforcement has established a perceptible reputation for posting and accepting bribes offered by citizens who had been in violation with Argentinian Law. These same police agencies have also been accused of Accepting kickbacks from large scale criminal operators, such as drug cartel, in exchange for lenient enforcement in specific areas of the country. In 2008 a survey was administered by the Latin American Public Opinion Project regarding corruption amongst public officials. The survey consisted of individuals living in all prominent Latin American countries; all participants were asked first and foremost, "Has a police officer asked you for a bribe in the past year?" the results are astonishing. Bolivia ranked the highest...