Cortez and The Fall Of The Aztec Empire

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In the year 1519, the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan was the largest city in the world. Within three years of this time however, the entire Aztec empire had been brought to an end at the hand of a man named Hernan Cortez and only 600 his Spanish soldiers. Obviously, one would think, there must have been a reason for this great demolition to occur. Upon doing some investigating, one may find that it was not one thing that caused the Aztecs to perish, but a group of circumstances together that were responsible. First it is important to know the intentions of the Spanish invaders. Their main goals were to convert the natives into Christianity and to find gold. When the Spaniards came to the new land to take over the Aztecs, they allied with other Native American clans in order to help them. Another important part of this was that they (the Spanish) had greater advancements in technology and weapons.

If one looks further into technology however, he/she will find that technology is commonly brought along because of the origin of location. A huge factor of why the Aztecs fell was because of the diseases that were brought along with the Spaniards. It is commonly known that there are two sides to each story and the story of the Aztecs is no exception. While the Spanish might have had intentions of colonizing and taking over the area, the Aztecs had a different view of this, and due to a case of coincidence they thought the Spanish were gods. Also, before the Spanish came, the Aztecs were accustomed to their way of life, but after Cortez landed, the Aztec people?s lives got changed around, commonly causing them to do labor for the Spaniards. Overall it is interesting to see how...