The Cosequences of the defeat of the Armada

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Once the armada had been defeated only around ½ of the Spanish ships (65/130) made it back to Spain.

And Over 20,000 Spanish Sailors and Soldiers were killed in the battle of the Armada.

But Spain did certainly not lose importance after the Armada had been defeated. In fact Spain defeated England at sea and on land in several battles in that decade after the Spanish Armada, Spain also kept an important influence over dealings in Europe and the Americas until well into the 16th Century. But Because of the War with England Spain was in serious Debt and King Philip had declared several bankruptcies.

Phillip accepted the defeat of the armada as god's will. Soon after he Planned a new better more powerful armada similar to the English Ships. In the year 1595 Spanish ships landed in Cornwall but got burnt down.

In the years 1596 and 1597 Other "Armadas" were sent but they were held back by powerful Storms.

But In around the 17th Century Spain started to slowly lose power. Now the Spanish Kings could not think they could do whatever he wanted. The Armada was the start of the fall of the Spanish empire.

The English had a very Victorious victory. Only 100 men were killed and none of the ships were sunk. But 7,000 English sailors died of disease. And those who survived were treated terribly by the government, many were given barely enough money for the journey back to England.

As a result of the Armada being defeated, England became a powerful nation. Elizabeth could now be exceptionally secure, in the knowledge that another invasion was not likely to happen.

This also meant that England could survive as an independent protestant country. Another thing was now the Spanish had less ships, which...