Cosmetic Surgery Week #3

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Having plastic surgery is not always a good idea. There are many surgeons that will inform the patient only about the good things, but they will play down or hide the consequences of any plastic surgery. Recently, teenager died of complications on a nose job. (ABC News, 2007). The patient and mother were not aware of the complications that could arise during the procedure. As of February 7, 2007, the patient's mother still did not understand what happened and what exactly caused her daughter's death.

Good advice to follow in the future would be to "shop for a surgeon". (Renger, T., 1998). There is heavy competition between surgeons, given thoroughly and decide to settle with just any surgeon. Some known consequences have been, scars left on a patient body, deformation, and even death. "It is the patient's responsibility to become fully informed about all aspects of her desired surgery". (Render, T.,


The following are a few expectations that a potential plastic surgery patient should have:

1. Make certain that the specialist you choose is board-certified in his or her specialty

2. Make sure that the doctor is affiliated with a hospital, even if the surgery will take place in his office

3. Ask about the type of training the doctor had for the procedure you want.

When one thinks of cosmetic surgery, the first thing that may come to ones mind is breast augmentation. Breast augmentation and reconstruction is one of the most common procedures performed in the United States. Approximately 300,000 women chose to have a breast augmentation procedure performed in 2005 according to the ASAPS. Nearly 25,000women had breast reconstruction.

Interestingly enough, there are only two major manufacturers who provide the implants used in these procedures. Mentor Corporation and McGhan Medical have cornered the market on saline...