Cosmopolitan--Continuing the Burden of Women The essay assignment was to take a piece of Today's culture and show what its effect is on American society either negetively or positively.

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Cosmopolitan--Continuing the Burden of Women

Be his best ever! Is the claim made on the cover of the November 2001 issue of Cosmopolitan. Following these easy steps he'll be putty in your hands. Each month Cosmo offers different ways of pleasing your man sexually and visually. It gives women insight on how men think so that we are more equipped to please them, and it is full of dating advice for women who are searching for men and it tells us what to do once we have caught our prey. It is considered by many to be the know-all to pleasing and keeping our men, maintaining our beauty, and knowing what to wear from season to season. Face it, Cosmo is this generation's version of Good Housekeeping. While most readers of Cosmopolitan feel that the magazine is geared toward women who take pride in making themselves a better mate or making themselves better women in general, Cosmo fuels women's socially constructed gender roles by promoting the stereotypes of what a conventional woman is while aiding in keeping them silent by not using its power to promote gender equality.

Taking a look at the ads that are chosen for Cosmopolitan was my first tool in uncovering the assumptions held by the creators of this magazine. Most of the ads found in the magazine show women in a very subordinate role. Be it subordinate to men or the objects that they are advertising, women were not made important. The underlying meaning of the ads show that a woman can only be heard through someone or something else. They tell women that passivity is what it means to be a woman. To give an example, on page 83 there is a Reebok ad. It shows an Asian woman standing holding...