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Being young forever is the dream of every human being using any mean to achieve this goal; people are ready to make a lot of scarifications like spending money and leading health to a dead end. Cosmetic surgery is one way of attaining the young look of a person and it is a huge consumer of wealth and health. Cosmetic surgery is a surgery where people who think that their "is a wrong thing" about their look, do to look right. Nose surgery, breast sculpture, body sculpture, eyelid sculpture, and ear sculpture are some examples of cosmetic surgery where men and women do to achieve what they think a normal look, where they think that God given look is not normal and their new look is the natural thing ("Bermant Plastic"). Adults and even teenagers are doing cosmetic surgeries without feeling that they are deceiving others, they think that they are going to be loved and popular if they do it, but they don't know the consequences.

The increasing industry of cosmetic surgery is growing day by day, that in the untied kingdom only 65,000 operations were made, these operations worth 158.6 million sterling (Batty, David). This growing industry was hardly recognized in the sixties when a "topless dancer in California, made the headlines by having silicone injected directly in to her breasts", but now every day women have breast enlargement and no one cares (Davis, Kathy). Moreover, some women goes for a reconstructive surgeries and the doctor tries to persuaded them to do more, as in the case of Sue she says that "he persuaded me to have my upper eyelids done when I'd only wanted my lower bags removed", She described her misery from the unethical medical system of cosmetic surgeries (Batty, David). Some women use cosmetic surgeries...