Cost of capital punishment

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Cost of Capital punishment

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Cost of Capital punishment

Contrary to popular belief, a capital punishment does not cost more than life in prison. The reason why modern executions cost so much is because of all the legal proceedings. However, what if we used the most effective execution machine through history? The guillotine, Therefore the cost of the capital punishment would go down significantly. If we were to say buy a guillotine (can't find an exact price estimate) for say $20 000, we could use it for countless executions.

Crime has become so prevalent in our society that people are no crippled with fear. Fear of being robbed, raped and murdered. In societies that have abolished the death penalty, prison cells are overcrowded and many of them are repeat offenders who, despite their incarceration are still actively involved in orchestrating criminal offences.

It therefore means that imprisonment is not as effective as it ought to be. If many of these offenders were given death penalty then the number of crimes recorded would be less. The aim of any government is to ensure that the citizens are safe and if they live in constant fear then it means that the government has not achieved its objective, at least one (Fridell, 2003). In addition to this, it is tax payers' money that is being used to finance the exorbitant budget that these penal institutions present year to year. Imagine my child being murdered by a serial killer and I must finance his expenses. Ironic or preposterous, this should not be!

According to this website listen below, the cost of an incarcerated federal prisoner for one year is $94 500. If a criminal was kept on life without parole for 30 years, $2.83...