The Cost of Technology

Essay by mr.whoA, August 2007

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All of us praise technology for improving our lives and making them easier. Over the last two hundred years, a lot of inventions were found that made huge differences in our lives. But what we don't think about too often is the costs we pay in return. It's not only the money you pay to purchase a TV or a computer, but it includes everything you risk when you obtain such a thing. Even though technology helps to ease many aspects of our lives, it seems that the costs we pay are much higher. These costs are paid in many ways.

Modern technology affects people's health by making them lazy. It's true that laziness is a serious health problem because it leads to other problems like obesity. Many people who live in apartments prefer to use the elevator rather than taking the stairs. Besides, a person who owns a car doesn't think to walk even to the store nearby.

And purchasing items using the internet is a better option for many people than going to markets. They buy their clothes and electric devices through the internet although they know that going to stores give them larger variety and better prices. Even children now don't gather in open fields to play football but spend their time in front of computers or watching TV instead.

The social cost we pay for technology is the loss of communication between people. And here I mean "real" communication where people meet and talk face to face. Once the telephone was invented, a lot of people relied on it for making calls and communicating with each other. Yet, the problem wasn't that serious until the internet appeared. People now may spend whole days and nights sitting in front of their computers. They meet each other in...