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World War II was shattering end to a difficult period in history. Although there are no exact figures on the lives lost, money spent, or property destroyed, we do know World War II killed more people, destroyed more property, disrupted more lives, and probably had more far reaching consequences than any other war in history. World War II was by far the most dreadful conflict in human history.

The battlegrounds of World War II spread to nearly every part of the world. Troops fought in the steaming jungles of Southeast Asia, in the deserts of northern Africa, and on islands in the Pacific Ocean. Every battle waged cast everyone more money and destroyed more property. Property damage as a result of World War II was immense (See pictures A, B, J, &L). Although there are no exact figures, the cost of the war is estimated at more than two trillion dollars.

The United States alone spent an estimated $341 billion during World War II. However, this did include $50 billion for lend-lease supplies, of which $31 billion went to Britain, $11 billion to the Soviet Union, $5 billion to China, and $3 billion to thirty five other countries. Once totals were all added up, the United States was found to have spent the most on the war by far. Germany was next, having spent $272 billion; followed by the Soviet Union spending $192 billion. Next was Britain who spent $120 billion followed by Italy's billion and Japan's $56 billion. Although these are fairly accurate figures, the money spent by each individual country does not come close to being the war's true cost.

Property damage was a huge cost following World War II. Entire cities including Stalingrad, Warsaw, Hamburg, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki lay in ruins following World War II...