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Costly Mistake The day started early around 3:00p.m, filled with beer and talk of what to do in the evening to come. Three of my best friends and I racked our brains, coming up with very little our minds not working one hundred percent because of all the booze. After many hours, we finally came up with the idea of going to the glow and bowl at the bowling ally right up the road from Matt"s house.

We proceeded to round up as many people as we could to join in our evenings plan and continued to drink very heavily. Once more people arrived we started to play cards and talk about the hard week of work, glad to have finally gotten to the weekend. No one in the room seemed to have a care in the world at that point in time, everything was laid back no pressures of the real world, no thought of work or school.

The night had started to early I was feeling the effects of the alcohol coming over me like a sickness. Still I proceeded to push the limits to prove something meaningless and dumb. We had many hours before the nights events started. I remember thinking to myself that I was going to be in trouble If I didn't slow down on the liquid courage, a feeling that I was very accustomed to, but something wasn't right to night I felt a foreign feeling that I quickly dismissed and chased with another drink.

Finally 10:30p.m. rolled around, A little over seven hours since we had started drinking. Like drunken fools we wandered out the door of the house and figured out the driving situation to the bowling ally. I didn't volunteer, refusing to drive knowing that it would only cause trouble...