Could The Holocaust Ever Happen Again

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Could the holocaust ever happen again? Could the holocaust ever happen again. There are several; reason why I think it could possibly happen. There are still a lot of people crazed people in the world today, racism is still very strong today, and poverty is still rampant. For these reason I feel that there could be another holocaust.

We are constantly hearing about crazy people around the world. We still hear about hate crime, and racism. People still hate other people. If there was to be another big war and a country was left in ruins much like Germany after the First World War. If a group was formed like the nazi's and was looking for a scapegoat, there were enough people living in poverty and looking for a way out and would do anything to get out poverty and the hard way of life. If they were able to get to power.

For these reasons, It could happen again.

I don't feel that it could be as bad as the first one, because I don't feel that the worlds powers would let the great number of people be murdered in another holocaust. I feel that it is unlikely that we can be apart of two killing huge killing sprees in less than a hundred years. Yet I still feel that there is a possibility that it could happen again, because of the hateful world we live in. People hate other people for no reason, they hold stupid stereotypes and grudges against whole groups of people. I feel that there beyond a shadow of doubt they're enough hate in the world to have another holocaust but not enough power to let it happen again. But nothing is impossible. It also possible if someone that held extreme hatred for a...