How could HRM create competitive edge of my business?

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[1. IntroductionThis report explains how a computer retail organisation could use good human resource management practices in order to gain competitive edge.

2. Business Description2.1 Description of the businessThe core business of the organisation is importing used computers from America sell them to Sri Lankan customers. The organisation has around 40 branches which is the sale points of the organisation. Overall control of the organisation is done at the head office. Apart from the core business the organisation provide its customers to buy brand new computers by getting a dealership.

2.2 Description of the salesThe sales can be broadly classified into two categories; one step sales and two step sales. One step sales are the sales done to customers directly approaching the branches. Two step sales are the sales done to the customers whose approach by marketing executives.

2.3 Description of Procurement and StorageSince the organisation is directly importing the items the storage plays a vital role, since it ensure smooth flow of operations by satisfying the demand.

3. Getting competitive edge3.1 Improve on sales3.1.1 Improving one step salesIn order to improve the SM ratio (sales/customer visit) there should be proper system in order ensure that the customer expectations is satisfied in every customer contact point from parking the vehicle to leaving the premises.

Human Resource Management activities can contribute to improve the organisation bottom line by improving them as follows.

Whether the customer buy or not is greatly depend on how he is treated in first contact point[1] that is how he is treated by the security personal when he park his vehicle. Currently this does not happen in the organisation since security function is outsourced and the officers think that handling parking is not their duty and it is a burden to them. So in order to ensure...