The Count Of Monte Cristo- Explain how in The Count of Monte Cristo Edmond Dantes is considered as evil or immoral based solely on his actions.

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In many works of literature, a character is considered evil or immoral based solely on his/her actions. In the book The Count of Monte Cristo, the author Alaxandre Dumas creates sympathy in the reader by portraying Edmond Dantes as a hardworking and loyal sailor who is victimized by his friends. Later, after getting out of jail he seeks revenge on his foes.

Early in the book Dumas portrays Dantes as a good person. He is an ambitious man who has a chance to captain a ship at an early age because he was a loyal and hard worker to M. Morrel, the ship owner. Also he had been loyal to his frail father who relies only on the money that Dantes is able to make as a sailor. He was also portrayed as a love struck young man who was about to marry the woman of his dreams, Mercedes. The reader also feels sorry for Edmond Dantes because of the many unfortunate events that happen to him.

Many of the people who Dantes felt were his friends stab him in his back because they were jealous of the great things that Edmond was about to achieve. Edmond's fellow sailor Danglars was jealous of the fact that Morrel had chosen Dantes as the future captain of his ship so he wrote a fake letter saying that Edmond carried a letter that held important information about Napoleon. Most of the blame can be put on Danglars for the terrible things that happen to Edmond. Fernand was also partially at blame for these events also. He was the character who picked up the accusing letter and turned it into the authorities. Fernand also held a grudge against Dantes because Fernand was in love with the woman Edmond was about to marry, Mercedes. Edmonds...