"Count of Monte Cristo" Movie Review.

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When someone has stabbed you in the back the only logical thing at the time is to stab them back but in all reality this will accomplish nothing. Everyone knows misery loves company and revenge is the perfect partner. Most of the time it takes others to show you the good things in life that make that one bad one seem less severe that it doesn't matter. In the movie "The Count of Monte Cristo", Edmund Dantes (Jim Caviezel) must go through trial and tribulations as he learns the biggest lesson of his life.

Dantes is a poor sailor that dreams of one day owning his own ship so he may marry his longtime love Mercedes (Dagmara Dominczyk) and give her everything she deserves. In an attempt to save his captains life land on an island to seek medical attention. Dantes and his best friend, Fernand Mondego (Guy Pearce), soon realize they have landed on the island Elba, where Napoleon has be exiled to.

In order to use Napoleon's doctor. Dantes must take a secret letter back to France having no idea what the letter contains. Unfortunately the captain does not live and Dantes and Mondego return to France. The captain recognized his altruistic behavior and made him ship captain enabling him to later proposes to Mercedes with a string promising to later replace it with a real ring. That night he is arrested on charges of conspiracy against the country and when seeking help from Mondego he learns that he is the one that turned him in. Dantes is sent to Chateau D'lf, the jail for country's criminals who they wish no one to know of. While in the Chateau, another prisoner emerges from a tunnel he has been digging for decades in the wrong direction. The...