The Count of Monte Cristo: Rewards and Punishments

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The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alex Dumas is a novel with many characters. Edmond Dantes is falsely jailed by Mondego and Danglars. Once he escapes he takes on the role of the Count of Monte Cristo and plans his revenge. Morrell is the owner of the ship Edmond Dantes worked on. Mondego was Dantes neighbor. Danglars was the purser of the ship. He chooses that some families need to be awarded and some families must be punished. The Count of Monte Cristo was justified doing what he did.

Morrell and his family were the only ones to be rewarded. This was because they were the only people that helped him. When he came to see them as he saw they were in massive amounts of debt and has been losing ships left and right. Also their daughter could not marry who she wanted to because they did not have enough money to pay for it.

So he bought up all of their debt and then paid it off and rebuilt his ship. This is just because he had always helped him so when Morrell was down and needed help he helped him.

Mondego was punished by the Count since he helped Danglars to send him to jail. He was happy, rich, and married with a son. But the Count knew of his past when he committed treason against one of their allies' king. So he brought the king's daughter to his trial to prove that he was guilty. Which then dishonored his family and sent him to jail. But before they could send him to jail he killed himself.

Danglars was another person the Count decided he needed to punish. This was an easy revenge for the Count. Since Danglars had one weakness and...