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The Journey of the Count of Monte Cristo

Edmond Dantès takes a perilous journey which leads to the transformation of a completely diverse individual. The first Edmond Dantès was one that is oblivious to the evil of the world, while the second Edmond Dantès, also referred as the Count of Monte Cristo, is quite the opposite of the first. The Count of Monte Cristo is the result of a man who has been hardened by the realities of life and has learned that he himself is the only who can be trusted and no one else. But, the Count of Monte Cristo had not always been this way. He had once been a man free of all sin and didn't even see the turn of events that was about to be bestowed on him. The three main events that caused him to develop an alternate personality was the encounter with Faria in the prison, the acts of manipulation and revenge, and him being able to love and enjoy life once again.

One day, Dantès tells Faria how he abruptly got sent to prison without knowing the charges against him. At the end, Faria tells Dantès the names of those who have caused him to be in this situation based on the information that was given to him. At that moment Dantès is shocked and is overwhelmed by a sense of retaliation. "'I regret now' says Faria, 'having helped you in your late inquiries'… 'Because it has instilled a new passion in your heart- that of vengeance.'" (Dumas, 117). This kick starts Dantès' transformation from being a guiltless man to someone who is fueled by the sense of reprisal. From this experience, Dantès learns that there are people out there who are willing to do anything just to get what...