Count the number of times you hear the words "liberal" and "conservative."

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Count the number of times you hear the words "liberal" and "conservative." From the sound of the political advertisements, the perception seems to be that conservative is good and liberal is bad. Some candidates seem to judge the power of their campaign ads by how many times they can use the word conservative. First, what is a conservative? "n. 1 A person who is opposed to change, either by nature or on principle. 2 a member of a conservative political party. 3 a means of preserving; preservative. 4 a person who from prejudice or lack of foresight is opposed to true progress." This does not sound all good or all bad, does it?

Second, what is a liberal? "n. a person favorable to progress and reforms." Does this sound like someone to demonize?

In the election campaign a few years ago, an incumbent candidate hired a campaign firm that seemed to believe that all a person in South Dakota needed to do to be elected in this state is to label his opponent a "liberal."

It did not work in that election. The incumbent was defeated.

Thank goodness for conservatives. We need someone to explore the angles, weigh the pros and cons, and see if the new plan is worth the change. Important changes have to be explored and discussed before one jumps in and gets in over his head.

For the same reason, thank goodness for liberals. Where would we be if someone had not pushed for progress and reforms? For starters, we would not be in America. No one would have had the guts to cross the ocean. The belief of the time was that somehow the earth fell off at the edge of the horizon.

We certainly would not have automobiles, airplanes, computers, and cures from medical...