Counter - culture study: Adam Freeland, Breakbeat pioneer and political activist

Essay by MrSnrub October 2004

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At 30 years of age, Adam Freeland has achieved a lot. He owns a successful record label and is recognised as one of the world's most popular dj's. He is also a respected artist/producer, having recently completed his debut artist album titled 'Now and Them.' Yet through all his commercial success, Adam Freeland has displayed various forms of counter - cultural practice. He is recognised as having pioneered the musical genre, breakbeat/nu skool breaks, and to this day has continued to expand the limits of this sound, defying the genre's purists. In the dance scene dj's rule supreme, and dj's find it hard to voice their opinions. Adam Freeland, realising he had a lot to say, created a live band with a social conscience. His new band, Free*land, is spreading his political messages to youthful audiences throughout the world. As a record label boss, Freeland encourages his artists to produce intelligent, soulful music, instead of dance-floor fodder.

Counter culture can be loosely defined as deviance from a society's or a scene's expectations. In this essay I will utilise several readings and analytical techniques in order to highlight the counter - cultural actions and perspectives of my chosen artist, Adam Freeland.

Adam Freeland - Breaks pioneer

Being hailed as the pioneer of a genre/sound can be considered a counter - cultural breakthrough. This section will highlight Adam Freeland's contribution to the birth and growth of Breakbeat/Nu Skool Breaks.

Adam Freeland was born on the 7th of August, 1973 in Welwyn Garden City, England. He began dj'ing deep house in 1992. He soon became bored with a scene where dj's where expected to play the same sound in their sets. Freeland began experimenting by mixing music of different genres, such as electro and hip - hop, into his...