Counterproductive Workplace Competition Part II: Problem Analysis Paper

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It is important to frame a problem that you are attempting to solve in order to provide clear and concise understanding of the problem and its symptoms. By framing, or identifying the problem, we are better able to distinguish the symptoms, create multiple choices for solutions, and define measurements of success in problem resolution. By answering several key questions surrounding the problem, Team B will offer measurements to determine if problem is solved, a possible solution to the problem, and alternate options for problem solving. Our information comes from work experience and internet research.

Counterproductive Workplace Competition

Part II: Problem Analysis Paper

Problem areas emerge in the workplace as organizational practices and employee expectations come together. When expectations are not properly aligned between employee and organization possible counterproductive workplace competition will take place. The review process of effective communication, and levels between manager and employee should be the highest priority being the objectives, and employee's personal career goals.

Misaligned expectations will result in employee dissatisfaction and possibly a hostile work environment.

Awareness of Problem

Organizations are able to choose from highly skilled and, educated candidates, which allows for organizational shifts in ranking and rating of employees. Sometimes a skills test was considered to assess current skills and a predefined set of criteria, pitting employees against one another, perpetuating the counterproductive workplace competition.

Tools and Techniques

By clearly identifying the problem of counterproductive workplace competition, we can frame a problem statement that will present a viable argument that can be solved. By quickly paring down the symptoms into concise issues, we are better able to brainstorm to generate problem resolutions.

Effects and Extent

One of the possible negative effects of internal competition in an organization is that, "individuals can spend a huge amount of energy attacking, intimidating, stonewalling, and sniping...