Counterproductive Workplace Competition Part III: Making Technique Paper

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Achieving workplace synergy is the optimal outcome in our problem resolution. Team B has used brainstorming to qualify the three alternative solutions to the problem of counterproductive workplace competition. After careful consideration of each alternative solution, we have chosen one that will result in the most favorable response.

Counterproductive Workplace Competition

Part III: Making Technique Paper

The MGT -350 alternative solutions were to include doing nothing, implementing incentives for workplace synergy, reducing the level of importance placed on rating and ranking programs, disconnecting such programs from employee rewards, and punishing employees for competing in a counterproductive way.

Do Nothing

One reason to do nothing is to allow sufficient time to confirm we have an understanding of the underlying problem before attempting to develop a solution. Time pressures, biases, and premature evaluations, can affect our decision-making processes. The possibility exists if we do nothing; the hostile environment may result in increased employee turnover (Gomez, Mejia, & Balkin, 2002).

With those considerations in mind, we would continue to interview employees and monitor behavioral signs, while experimenting with disconnecting rating and ranking from employee rewards. Thus, encouraging management to take moderate risks that may temporarily affect operational decisions; accepting failure as part of the learning process (Gomez, Mejia, Balkin, 2002).

Create Incentive Programs to Promote Workplace Synergy

One of the biggest problems with any type of incentive program is it is very subjective; a manager is tasked with ranking direct reports. A better approach would be to measure each work responsibility in terms of value to the organization; an Organizational Valuation Measurement (OVM) tool can be created or can eliminate the idea that one task is more valuable than another. Once the OVM is in place, the employee can complete the job duties, accomplish job objectives, and add value as required by...