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Each country has its own customs, traditions, holidays, and important days in its history. Talking of holidays in Ukraine we can't but tell about everybody's favourite New Year Holiday. People think that at night on New Year's eve the old year with all its troubles leaves us forever and the new year with all our hopes and expectations knocks at our doors. People decorate the Christmas tree, have New Year parties and prepare presents for their relatives and friends. On the eve of January the 7th Ukrainians start celebrating Christmas. It's the day of Jesus Christ's birthday and it is widely celebrated all over Ukraine. People sing carols, cook a traditional Ukrainian Christmas dish named "kutya" which all the family eats together. Then people go to church to listen to the Christmas sermon. Not long ago Ukrainians began to celebrate a new holiday, St. Valentine's Day. It's the day of lovers, when we give special cards and presents to our sweethearts.

This traditional holiday came into Ukraine from the English-speaking countries. March the 8th is Women's Day. This date was introduced in 1910 by the 2nd International Conference of women-socialists at the proposal of Clara Tsetkin as a day of the international solidarity of women in their struggle for economic, political, and social equality. Nowadays this date has lost its political meaning and became just the day when we congratulate and thank our women for everything they do for us at home and at work, say our good wishes, give them flowers and presents. Easter Day comes according to the lunar calendar. It's the Day of Jesus Christ's Resurrection. People celebrate this Holiday because He died on the cross for our salvation. They go to churches to listen to sermons, gather at homes to pray and thank Jesus Christ for...