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Executive Summary

International business is of vital part for pharmaceutical company to expand business to catch more market of the world. Report reflects country's different factors related to business for pharmaceutical industry. Argentina was one of the wealthiest countries during 18th and 19th century, but due to political instability leads it to financial crisis. Legal system was not transperant.Economic developments were ceased. But after economic reforms and new constitution came in exist, again it shows the positive sign. Since last few years it is struggling for improvements in all sectors.GDP is improving slowly and steadily. Inflation is now comparatively under control. New constitution made legal system more transparent and laws regarding international investments are changing. Educated society and above average income of the people, encourages them to spend money on their health requirements. Overall climate is now showing positive sign for foreign investor.


International business is more related with the host country's economical factors, political situation, legal system, social and cultural system, religious environment and education factor.

Making profit is the main aim for the business firm. To make profit, Company has to first research costs and risk and benefit related to these factors .These factors must have to be carefully studied and understood. PRATEETI Pharmaceuticals pty. ltd looking for new market in Argentina for antibacterial medicines. Pharmaceutical industry is highly profit making industry among all. But without carefully understanding and studying different factors affecting international business it is not possible to success and survives. After care full study of the economical, political, cultural, religious, educational, legal factors with costs, risks and benefits of Argentina I have made a report for company for its future strategy and planning.

Company Profile

Name: PRATEETI Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd.

Firm Type: Private Company

Product: Drugs and medicines

Product type: Antibiotic Medicines...