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� Step 1- Country Profile


Stability of the country: Discuss the status of the government, relationships with other countries, social unrest, and so on.

The relationship of Brazil with other countries is most often very civil and prosperous. Through there years there have been some issue between other nations on varying levels.

There is an uncontested boundary dispute between Brazil and Uruguay over Braziliera/Brasiliera Island in the Quarai/Cuareim River which leaves the tripoint with Argentina in question. The smuggling of firearms and narcotics continues to be an issue along the Uruguay-Brazil border. Colombian-organized illegal narcotics and paramilitary activities penetrate Brazil's border region with Venezuela. In November, 1993, President Jiang Zemin visited Brazil during which the leaders of the two countries reached agreement on creating a long-term and stable strategic partnership based on benefits for both China and Brazil. The visit marked a milestone in Sino-Brazilian relations and was of great importance in enhancing friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

The world's seventh wealthiest economy (2010 GDP - US$ 2.1 trillion), Brazil is the largest country in area and population in Latin America and the Caribbean. Even though it has had a history of economic boom and bust and its development has been hampered by high inflation and excessive indebtedness, reforms in the 1990s and ongoing sound macroeconomic and social policies have resulted in an extended period of stability, growth and social gains. 2011, Dilma Rousseff of the Workers Party became the first female president in Brazil. Ms. Rousseff was elected promising the continuity of the economic and social growths of her predecessor President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Ms. Rousseff vowed to erase extreme poverty and keep the country in a sustainable growth path. One of the most important concerns of her government is to foster the country's...