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PartHeadingsPagePart-AInternational trade3A1An Overview United Kingdom3A2Balance of Payment4A3Trading Relationship and Blocks6A4Major Export and Imports7A5Foreign Direct Investment8A6Tariff and Non tariff barriers8Part -BOil and Petroleum Industry9B1History, size and growth9Size10Employment11Contribution to UK's economy11Major producer and profile12B2International competitiveness13Demand Condition13Related and Supporting Industries14Factor Conditions15Firm, strategy, structure and rivalry16Part -CCulture and Business practices18United Kingdom Certain facts18C1General description19C2Business protocol and Communication.20C3Cultural DO's and Don'ts23C4Negotiation style and tactics24C5Comparison with American culture25Part-DConclusion26Exhibits -127Exhibits -228Exhibits -329Exhibits -430Exhibits -531Exhibits -632Exhibits -733References34(A)INTERNATIONAL TRADE:-(A-1) AN OVERVIEW-UNITED KINGDOM: -The Great Britain was a dominant industrial and maritime power of 19th century. The British ruled one fourth of the earth in and prior to 20th century. The present advance in literature, and democratic political system is a gifted to world by the British ruler. The United Kingdom consists of England, one sixth of island (part of Ireland) in North Sea and north western Atlantic sea. The main areas include England, Wales, Scotland, and north Atlantic islands of Wight, Hebrides and Shetland.

The UK is the first nation to witness industrial revolution in early 1990. The great invention of steam engine was done in England and it helped in subsequent industrialization of Britain. After World War II the United Kingdom emerged as a strong and developed economy of the world. After emergence of 25 European country as European economic union, The UK bears lot of importance in terms of international economic development, International business . The UK , a leading trading power and financial centre is one of the trillion dollars economy of western Europe. The GDP growth for UK was average 2.8% in last 5 years, it has export growth of 5.6% in last 10 years, It is ranked as number 3 in natural gas production and 10th as oil producing country with the average production of 2463 barrels/day for 2003. The Britain is worlds 4th...