Courage in "To Kill A Mockingbird" by Nelle Harper Lee

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In the novel, 'To Kill A Mockingbird', we were presented with several displays of courage. Some of the courage in the novel were displays of physical courage. However, physical courage was not the only type displayed, we also saw examples of moral courage.

I saw several examples of physical courage in this excellent novel. One example of courage however insignificant to me or you is Jem's courage to run up to the Radley's house, now to me or you that is nothing but to a young child that has grown up not knowing this person it was a physical challenge to overcome. Also another display of courage was the courage shown by the men in the Finch neighborhood when Miss Maudie's house caught fire, they cared not that they might get hurt when they ran into her house to retrieve her belongings. Another example of physical courage was that of Atticus standing up against a mob.

The last example of courage was Arthur Radley fighting Bob Ewell and saving the children.

In the novel we saw several example of moral courage. In my opinion this is the best type of courage because it shows the character of person. The first display of this courage was Mr. Cunnigham's constant payment of his debt to Atticus; he had the courage to take something into this neighborhood. The next display of moral courage was when Jem despite his misgivings constantly went to Ms. Dubose's house and read to her. The next display of moral courage was Atticus's decision to defend Tom Robinson in court and instead of just walking in and walking out he tried his best to help him get out. There was also Heck Tate's moral courage at the end of the book, his courage to keep Arthur Radley...