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Winston Atencio

II semester

Monday, August 25nd, 2014

Buy nothing day

Nowadays, the most people only think about buy, only see something that it like and they buy, they don´t care spending money on unnecessary things. However, nobody cares about the environment, due to the fact that the majority of the products sold in the market comes from the nature.

According to the reading (buy nothing) mentions a day important where you challenge yourself, your family and friends to switch off from shooping. Besides, the rules are simple, for four hours you will detox from shopping and anyone can take part provided the spend a day without spending.

Surely, is a big daring, this Technique is super good for those people who are addicted to the fashions. In the same way some persons some people will be aware of the great difference between the life style of buy daily or save money.

Even so it's difficult for some people can´t to buy anything, always use the same but unfortunately there are people who dress only to presume their clothes fashion today and leave the other person as out of fashion.

On the other hand, there´s other aspect interesting in the reading about the environment. Meanwhile, the companies developed in countries of high economy do not know the damage that they do to the nature, only care them sell products to other countries. Despite, the environmental problems that are occurring in the present the businessmen do not realize how much they cause their large factory.

Obviously some of the main means of contamination to the environment are the factories expanded throughout the world. however people don't think about the damage they are doing to the planet, consumers buy but everything that they buy are precisely of the nature, while doing their...