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An online source for business and education information defines marketing as producing products and services to meet needs including price, distributing, and promoting products for a profit. (LearnThat) Marketing is a core component of our business in the sense that it generates a base line for nearly every other department within our company. In our text, marketing is defined as a set of activities performed by organizations and a social process. (McCarthy, 2004) Our marketing department is comprised of individuals who excel in the areas of new sales and relationship building as it pertains to the retirement industry. These individuals have a keen interest in people as well as in the product and service our organization provides and sells to its customers. In short, marketing in this definition is the act of building relationships with internal and external customers through key understanding of markets and consumer needs that drive sales of property.

Marketing is also a process of educating consumers with key elements the organization can offer that may exceed or meet the industry norm. It is equally important to focus on the statistical data surrounding our markets to ensure our marketing plan meets the criteria for these consumers. Examples of how this process works will be outlined later in this paper. The result and key goal of marketing is new and repeat sales within our origination as well as relationship building and reputation propulsion. Additionally, organizations such as ours, a service based industry with a core product of retirement living, branding is a key development our marketing department heads up and owns as a driving force.

The importance of strong marketing plans in an organization derives from the organizations desire to meet and exceed the industry averages as well as maintain a perceived level of service within a local...