Courtesy, Restpect and Kindness to each other, walking in the footsteps of Jesus.

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We as a class should consider walking in the footsteps of

Jesus towards Courtesy, Respect and Kindness. By doing all three

we can create a much more better enviroment for ourselves and

influence others to do the same. It will be ultimately to our advantage

and will also be the right thing to do, and in doing so we can work in

unity with each other and reach our goals.

We as students should act in a matter of coutesy, respect and

kindness especially during lent. By doing so we can walk in the

footsteps of Jesus. We can show courtesy to each other by

addressing each other in a polite manner, such as saying "excuse

me" when someone is in your way or "please" when asking for

something or "thank you" when they give it to you, or by saying "bless

you" when somebody sneezes. In doing so, you are being polite and

are showing that person that you care about them.

This is a very

important aspect becuase we are proper christians and we should be

courtious to each other at all times, becuase respect and kindness will

usually almost always follow.

Respect is the most important aspect in walking in the footsteps

of jesus, especially becuase it is the aspect in which is needed to beadressed most often. We as individuals should show respect towards

each other, becuase we work in unity to praise the lord and we are all

create equal by god, and when we show disrespect to each other it is

very impolite and very unkind, which in turn also violates the other 2

aspects in walking in the footsteps of lord jesus christ which is courtesy

and kindness. Respect is something that everyone wants, and if

someone disrespects someone else, they are...