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Courtship Dating is one of those things that is a little different for everyone. Some of us follow certain rules and some use different techniques. Some people are trying to find a long term partner and others just want to have fun. There are several similiarities and differences in today's dating and what it was a few years ago. I will focus on three points of comparison and contrast: who asks who out on a date, where does one go, and who is the fortunate one that gets to pay the bill.

A few years ago, dating had a different name. Dating was called courtship. In the past, a man would always be the first to ask a woman on a date. It was not proper if a woman would ask the male to go out on a date. There were occasions in which the parents would set dates for their sons and daughters.

Nowadays, it is so much different. There are so many independent women who initiate the first date. There are even television shows who promote blind dates. In the past, it was also common when parents would fix a blind date but none appeared in television. Nevertheless, there are a few men who keep the tradition of asking a female out first. Nevertheless, it is acceptable in today's society for a woman to ask the man out on a date first.

What can be the most romantic and outrageous thing one can do on a date? In the past, a man picked up a woman, talked to her parents, went to a drive-in movie and at the end of a date, there was hope for a kiss. Things have changed so much since then. First of all, women also pick up men for dates. Secondly,