A cover and two invented pages from a magazine about the 1980s. This was part of a class assignment. Articles relate to electronics, movies, music, and teen diction.

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Audio goes digital, CD is new phonograph

James Russell, an inventor who relied on music for inspiration and motivation, was always frustrated by the wear and tear of his phonograph records. He was also unhappy with their sound quality. Having a history of developing new data storage technology, he started sketching out a better music recording system.

James wanted a system that would record and replay songs without physical contact between its parts, and he saw the best way to do it would be by using light. He was also familiar with digital data recording. He knew that if you could represent the binary 0 and 1 with dark and light a device could read sounds or any other information without wearing it out and if he could make the binary compact enough he could store a lot of music on a small piece of film.

After years of work, he succeeded in inventing the first digital-to-optical recording and playback system, the compact disc or CD.

20,000,000 Americans attend movies weekly, movie industry grows

The cinema industry declares a successful decade with 10.4 billion admissions. The top five movies from the 1980s are as follows.

1. E.T. the Extraterrestrial

2. Star Trek

3. Back to the Future

4. Flashdance

5. Rain Man

Widespread Cable Exposure Benefits Television Networks

The television shows listed below have brought a new type of entertainment opportunities to network television companies.

Cosby Show Cheers

Roseanne A Different World

Golden Girls The Wonder Years

Empty Nest 60 Minutes

America's Funniest Home Videos

Unsolved Mysteries

1980s See Record Music Sales

Below is a list of chart-topping record setters.

Tatoo You (album) - Rolling Stones

Let's Dance (single) - David Bowie

Flashdance Sdtk. (compilation)

Innocent Man (album) - Billy Joel

Born in the USA (album) - Bruce Springsteen

The Joshua Tree (album) - U2

Dirty Dancing Sdtk. (compilation)

Slang Evolves, Now More Confusing

This article will describe some slang terms used by the youth of the 80s. It is not, and I do not claim it to be complete.

As If-

I'd rather not




An unattractive male


Person who wears all black and listens to The Cure




Not good


Very cool


Police officer


Something very hip


Used to describe a place or thing as cool as someone dubbed a "dude".




A situation which is grave


A close friend


Very radical


Something extremely hip


Something that is totally amazing