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Dear Mr./Ms. PERSON:In response to the advertisement that you had posted in the Madison Times, I would like to submit both my interest and my resume for your kind consideration. Furthermore, it would be appropriate to consider this letter as my formal application for any positions that you have in vacancy if you find my qualifications and skills adequate to your standards.

As you will observe from my resume, I have former training, credible certifications, and former hands-on experience in the field of computer and network diagnostics and repair. I also have viable sources that have experienced my technical prowess first-hand that would gladly uphold this claim. Some of which include the CIO of the Network Support Center of The U.S. Department Of Veteran Affairs of the mid-west region and the regional director of the U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service. I have also attained many industry-endorsed certifications relevant to the position in question including the "Comp TIA A+ Computer Hardware and Software Certification" and the "Network+ Network and Security Installation and Maintenance Certification".

Most of all, however, I believe that I am qualified for the position because I have a great passion for technology, its inner-workings, and the industry. I am confident that I will be successful in this position and I would be quite enthusiastic to begin working for you. I hope to use this position in order to excel in the industry so that I may improve my understanding of it and perhaps, in turn, improve the industry itself.

If you would find it convenient, I am quite willing to discuss my qualifications and/or the position further with you in person and you can contact me at any time with the contact information I have provided for you.

I am genuinely grateful for any regard that you...