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The drugs are a problem with the Cowboys. Leon Lett, Michael Irvin, and others have been caught with cocaine and other substances. The players get away with it because the owner Jerry Jones takes care of the Lawyers and the press, which tells them they can do it again and don't have to worry about getting in trouble. This in turn drives good players away from the team. That is the main reason why they can't good players to come the Dallas Cowboys. Players are scared to come because of the reputation they have with drugs and others problems.

How old the team is another problem for the cowboys. Players like Leon Lett, Emmit Smith, and others have become old and seem to get injured more than they use to. Each year it gets worse and worse to the point that they lose money by keeping them on the team.

Still they keep signing them three a four years contracts for 20 million, just hoping to get a few more good years out of them.

The popularity of the has dropped dramaticly. They were known as Americas team for many years. Starting with when they won three Super Bowls they won in 1992, 1993, and 1995. Since then they have been under much pressure with the changes with coaches