"Coyote Autumn"

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There are several images on my collage that all need an explanation of what's important about them. Like for instance the pictures of fish are important because Brad was fishing the day that he found and started raising his coyote, Scooter. Also the horses, farm, and chickens are on the collage because Brad lived on a farm with those animals nearby. The picture of the hunters and coyotes (and coyote pup) are important because the hunters killed Scooters parents and that is the reason that Brad ended up raising him. The dog is on the collage because it represents the dog that Brad eventually got for his birthday but could never get a dog before because he always used to live in an apartment. The two quotes are both about when Brad got his coyote one is just about the coyote the other is about the dog and the coyote getting along.

The reason I have a picture of a soccer ball is because towards the middle of the story scooter started to play soccer with Brad and his sister.

The theme of the book Coyote Autumn is bittersweet happiness. This is the theme because almost every time something good happens to Brad it turns out to be good and bad. For example the first day Brad gets his coyote pup he keeps on worrying about how to get food for it and what his parents will do when they find out rather than being excited. Also, when brad gets his dog for his birthday he's so happy but then he remembers about the coyote his parents haven't found out about and that get him worried. Another example, is when brads parents find out about the coyote and say they can keep him which makes him so happy but then, brads sister makes fun of his coyote so brad gets so angry and sticks his tongue out at her and because of that he gets grounded. One last example is when brad has to give up his coyote because it bit his sister he was so happy when he found out he had to take scooter to a huge wild life reserve where Scooter would be happy but then he finally realizes that he will only be able to visit Scooter and won't be able to live with him. Therefore, the theme of the book Coyote Autumn is most definitely bittersweet happiness.