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CRACK HEADS -Yo give me all your money bitch!!! Two figures struggle under the street lights. A gunshot is heard. Dogs bark in the distance. Looney runs to his car and starts driving. Kemodero leans out the window of his apartment smoking a cigg. The sound of a screaching car fills the hood. He whispers to himself.

KEMODERO -Shit homie! Don't be so damn loud! Looney gets out of the car and walks fast toward the building. The main entery opens and shuts. Footsteps echo louder and louder up the stairs. The door to Kemodero's apartment opens.

KEMODERO -You stupid idiot! Why you allways have to make so much noise? LOONEY -The bitch spayed me with mace man! I couldn't see shit! Do it yourself next time if you're so damn smart! KEMODERO -Fuck that man! How much did you get? LOONEY -Uh...14...16...18...around 2000 kr....and a watch.

KEMODERO -Cool cool.....what

kinda watch? LOONEY -A gold watch.

KEMODERO -Here, let me see that! Kemodero looks at the watch. He doesn't say anything. The room is quiet for a few moments. Sunddenly the silence is broken by his laughter.

KEMODERO -Hahahahahahahahaha! Thats some funny shit! Hahahahahaha! LOONEY -What? What?! Whats so damn funny man? KEMODERO -Haha...ha..ha. This is my grandmothers watch. She got it from her mom and her mom got it from her grand dad. You just mugged my family you stupid peice of shit!!! Hahahahaha! LOONEY -Oh shit! Damn! No fuckin' way!! KEMODERO -Come on man! it's not that bad! I aint pissed at you. I allways wanted this watch. HA! Sounds like gandma' sprayin' yo ass with mace!! Hahahaha! LOONEY -Stop laughin' man.

Kemodero doesn't stop.

LOONEY -I'm serious! Stop laughin' man! KEMODERO -What? What is it? LOONEY -Uuhh.....You know that old lady that sprayed me with mace? KEMODERO -Grandma'? LOONEY -Uh..yeah...yeah...I...I sort of...uh...well...I...I shot her man.

KEMODERO -Yeah thats some real funny shit. Now stop playin' man! LOONEY -Dog...I aint playin'. Sorry.

Kemodero walks over to his desk and sits down. A solem expresion falls over his face.

KEMODERO -You gotta be kidding me, right? LOONEY -Naw. I aint kiddin' dog.

The room is quiet again. The siriens ov a police car are heard in the background.

KEMODERO -That shit is fucked up man! Grandma' was like a mother to me.

The siriens are getting louder.

KEMODERO -My mom died when I was a kid. You know what I'm sayin'? Grandma' raised me for seven years man.

The siriens are heard just a couple blocks away.

LOONEY -Yo Kemodero! We betta get out of here! KEMODERO -What? LOONEY -The cops man! They're right around the corner! KEMODERO -Oh shit! Grab the stuff! I gotta get my shoes on.

Kemodero puts his shoes on and they run down the stairs. When they open the main entery they see the police car stoping. Two police officers jump out. and follow after them.

POLICE OFFICER -Hey! This is the Police! Stop running!.....Stop running or we'll send the dogs! They keep running. The officers releise the dogs. Kemodero and Looney are attacked by the dogs. The police-men catch up with them and arrest them. They are taken to the car.