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If Buffy the Vampire Slayer represents the lighter side of high school as a macabre experience, here's a movie that asks the burning question, "What happens when angst-ridden teenagers develop supernatural powers?" More to the point, how do four outcast teenaged witches handle their ability to cast wicked spells on the taunting classmates who've nicknamed them "The Bitches of Eastwick" The answer, of course, is "don't get mad, get even."

In this movie the students at the school believe that 3 of their fellow students are 'witches'. This happens to be true, but when a new student is transferred to the school (Sarah) the students assume the belief that she is 'Normal' because of the way she looks.

Soon they find themselfs to be very wrong. When Sara becomes comfortable she is found to of become best friends with the 'witches'. Soon the students find that she is the one who is to be feared.

Quickly in the movie Sara and her new friends become accustomed to their routines. Constantly stealing, skipping classes and holding rituals for 'Manon' who to them is God. Though this movie there is the thought of Wicca discussed on everything.

The End of the movie discusses the impact that trying to change your fate can have on some ones life especially if that person goes about it

in the wrong way.

The result shows that there is always a good side to everything even

something that seams to be all bad.

In my opinion I liked this movie it was

something that I enjoyed, and am interested in. I'm the type of person who will sit down on a dark storming night and put on a good horror movie to watch alone. This movie for me was something that fulfilled my need for a good...