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Program Documentation Introduction This program has been created as a means of making it easier for both the customer and the staff of BCITT. This system will make the booking process much easier, faster and reliable. At a little cost of supplying staff with tutoring of the program and distribution of the software this program will effectively heighten income in the long run.

The program will take in results in an input form, which then fills in the quote, and input form. Price systems may be added for accommodation needs and other requirements at a later point, however for now they are typed by hand. Once the results have been entered into the invoice, the customer data will be stored in a table as a record to keep track of bookings with greater ease.

All of these sheets are within easy reach and are completely user friendly. Using the control buttons you will find it easy to get around the sheets by simply doing two clicks of a mouse button.

This easy to access database is also aimed to help your staff learn how to use it more easily.

There are several statistics for the database which will help you decide on subjects such as: "which are the busiest days" and "whether there should be more sessions on a Friday". Any improvements or add-ons can easily be edited or put on to the program if necessary.