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The sky was as clear as a calm sea, not a trace of disturbance in the distance. It was a beautiful day to be outside.

"Hey kids! Grab your bikes and let's go for a ride!" shouted my father from his workshop in the backyard. We raced to our bikes, grinning ear to ear. The anticipation was so powerful, I felt like I could ride to the moon and back.

The three of us started out, our father in front and us two kids right behind, following like geese flying south for the winter. "This is going to be fun." I thought to myself. We followed our father down the next street from ours. Cory took off like a rocket.

"Come on, let's race!" he yelled to me over his shoulder.

I stood up on my pedals and forced my little, yellow bike to catch up with him.

We raced to the end of the street where we stopped to catch our breath and wait for our father.

"Let's go this way," my father instructed as he slowly passed us. We turned left and headed down River Road. As we approached Carrs Hill, I could hear my father's caution to be careful going down the hill. I was so revved up from our race that I could not control myself. Not heeding my father's warning, I shot down the steep hill. I did not see the danger that lay up ahead. My tiny, yellow bike moving faster and faster. I was so scared. I couldn't slow down. I heard my father's voice in the distance behind, but I could not hear what he was saying.

And there it was, a pothole. I couldn't avoid it. It...