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I have chosen to write my paper on the movie crash and its representation of race. This movie has multiple representations of racism and was a very controversial film when it came out.

Racism plays an extremely big part in this movie. To start, at the beginning of the film there is a middle-eastern man trying to buy a gun. While his daughter is trying to translate for him, the man behind the counter makes a completely racist remark at him and calls him Osama. The man is absolutely furious because he actually understands what the man says and starts a huge argument over who is ignorant. The man behind the counter tells him to get out of his store and stop bombing people. The next scene involves two black men walking out of a restaurant, one that is angry because of the service. He says that everyone besides them got served coffee multiple times, while they hadn't been served.

They also had to wait an hour and a half for their dinner, while other white people supposedly got their food much quicker. An example is of the two black males walking out of the restaurant. Ludacris' character says that the waitress "sized us up right away, and because we're black, that means we don't tip good, so she wasn't going to waste her time on us." Ludacris' character assumes that a Sandra Bullock's character walking down the street grabs hold of her husband because she is threatened by their presence. He asks his friend, why should she be scared, they aren't part of a gang, we should be the ones who are scared. His reaction to this "racism" is to put them at gunpoint, shove them to the ground, and steal their car. Sandra Bullock also has the...